Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catching Up: Day 17, (really 28), of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC

Animal Print Bracelet with Red Leather Interior. Rowr.
After a longer and unexpected break, I'm posting my next #UCC. This is my 17th day, but it's the 28th day of September. I'll finish out this month, but I probably won't make up for the days I missed from the 16th until now. Big kudos and applause to Loriloo who continues the challenge in stride!

I wore this animal print leather and faux hair bracelet tonight. The last time I wore it was probably 5 years ago. I could never "make it work." I pulled it out about 2 weeks ago, thinking I was going to wear it, and just couldn't figure it out. Somehow, tonight was the night to make it work - and I did it! And I actually liked it a lot. 

I tend to shy away from animal print - a little goes a very long way for me. This is just the right amount for now, I think. I'm going to keep this bracelet, but I won't wait another 5 years to wear it. If I don't wear it at least 3 more times before January 1, 2015, I'll donate it. And by the way, I have no idea where I got it. If anyone else remembers or was with me, let me know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching Up: Days 14 & 15 of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC

Before I talk about me, here's some pre-post fun, related to what Loriloo and I are doing:

Gawker discuss Throwing Everything Out

Skylight Books in LA is doing a Clothing Swap with the signing of a new book, Women in Clothes, by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton!

I'm playing catch up a lot this week. It's been busy, but I did made a discovery. (I'm a lot like Christopher Columbus.) I realized that I do wear a lot of what's in my closet, which is making it harder for me to find pieces I wear infrequently, unless I start pulling out my clothes for specific occasions (weddings, funerals, etc...)

So, on Day 14, I wore this ring, which I really like, but usually wear it in Fall or Winter. That being said, I'm not sure I've worn it since Dec of last year. My grandmother used to wear it and I thought it looked huge on her, and now I love it on me. She was right when she said, "Someday you'll want this." I want it now. KEEPING IT.

On Day 15, you can tell by my expression, I was wearing a plain old t-shirt from the Gap. The funny thing is, there was time I loved this shirt (and it's sister shirts in black, white, green, gray, and purple) so much that the thought of wearing a different style or brand of t-shirt threw me for a loop - why would I ever do such a thing? And then I realized I had 10+ t-shirts, all the same, with no...oomph. They were just t-shirts. Some had spots on them, and I still wore them, justifying that nobody would really see the tiny stains. Soon I realized that when I was going out at night, I was picking the t-shirts without stains, not nice new shirts or blouses or anything with better fit or style, just t-shirts, the ones without stains. Those were my "good t shirts." So, now I'm not wearing them, except occasionally to the gym. I put the navy one on and though I have to admit I didn't hate it, it doesn't really do anything for me. Not sure if I should or shouldn't keep it. Thoughts?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catching Up: Days 12 & 13 of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC

I've been participating in #UCC the last two days, but also super busy, so I haven't updated my #UCC posts. I do.

For Day 12, I wore an Old Navy LBD that was midi-calf length and not becoming on me anymore. I've had it forever and keep trying to make it work, but I always end up taking it off before I go out. I didn't get a photo while I was in it on Friday, but I did wear it to dinner with my friend Amy -she's my witness- and today it traveled to a garage sale and now my friend June owns it. And when I say June owns it, I mean June OWNS IT, making it look fabulous in a way I couldn't and didn't.

For Day 13, I pulled out a green pashmina I rarely wear. Today was 100 plus degrees, but I knew I would be sitting in air conditioning a fair amount, so I pulled it out. I should bring this on planes with me more, but I'm always afraid of looking predictable with it - a red head with a green scarf- QUELLE SURPRISE!  Also, some of the fringe has been bleached so it's not 100% green anymore. But after wearing it today and knowing that green was also a hot #NYFW (New York Fashion Week) color, and that fall is on the way (it will be here eventually, right?), I am going to keep it.

(Not a fantastic photo. My camera is poopers right now.)

(Photos from the Toovia website; Kate Spade on top, Suno on the bottom)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 11 of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC (Posted 1 Day Late)

Yesterday, I tried to stay off line as much as possible, only logging on for work when I needed, too. I had to work a screening last night, and this photo was taken and sent to me, so it's the one I'm going to use for yesterday's #UCC. 

I'm wearing a jacket. An old pin-striped, Ann Taylor, super-snug-fitting jacket. I usually save it for work, but I think it's time to wave bye-bye. I own two other short black jackets, but I slip them on for work events much more often. 

Pinstripes make me feel old. I know some people can really pull them off, but I'm not one of them.

Hit the road, Jacket!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 10 of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC

Inspired by my sister in law, Lisa, I am wearing a necklace that I never ever wear.  It's a thick black roped choker. I wear the matching chandelier earrings a few times a year, but not the necklace. I'm pretty sure Mom gave me the necklace and earrings. Mom?

I wore it today and got compliments, but I haven't worn it in years. What do you think, Friends? Donate it? Or force myself to try it with more outfits?

Here's the quote and photo of Lisa's that inspired me: 
"Day 10....Thrift store accessory. This necklace is very pretty. It's choking me. Somebody else will love it. It's outta here. #ucc"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 9 of Kayla and Lori's Ultimate Closet Challenge #UCC

Warning: This is not a very exciting post and/or photo.

I wore workout clothes today, then switched into a tank top and shorts I always wear. Not dressed up at all, nor did I try on anything I usually neglect to wear, except....these earrings.

A good friend gave them to me a few years back. I love them, and I love that she thought of me when she bought them, but whenever I put them on, the light blue beads throw me off. I wear almost no blue, and they seem wrong against my skin. Plus, the length is just a little weird - not short studs, not long chandeliers. 

Is there such a thing as midi-earrings?

Also, I hate the thought of giving these away since my friend picked them out especially for me and they remind me of her. See? This is where I get stuck. Damn.