Friday, April 18, 2014

Poem 18: Little Monster©

Little Monster

After your bath,
your smells are gone.
A layer of your hair is missing.
Your teeth have been cleaned
and you're nails are clipped,
But not to worry.

You're still our little monster,
even if you don't feel like you.
All of us get dirty,
all of us come clean,

You're still our little monster,
pawing through our dreams.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poem 17: Code©


You haven’t said much,
not in a while.
Your slow nod transfers
what moments ago 
were chants, rants, 
words of fire 
ready to torch all 
in hearing distance.

I’m afraid of your silence.
It is terrifying in this darkness.
The work of listening is harder, 
like trying to stay awake, 
eternally readied 
for the steps of monsters.

Every whisper, every grunt,
every clearing of the throat
is now code: you want this,
you forgot that, you will 
never, ever forget that, 
not again.

I will not know what to hear
when you nod goodbye


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poem 15: Watching©

We're watching the Great Bear Stakeout,
watching bears with paws as big as dinner plates,
watching bears mourn their cubs washed away,
watching bears named Parsnip not be young anymore.

We're watching commercials about investing for the future,
We're watching commercials for Hidden Valley Ranch,
We're watching commercials about being born wild, and
fancy four-doors that rule the outdoors,
watching us not be young anymore.

We're watching the Great Bear Stakeout,
watching grizzlies move poky with purpose,
watching grizzlies dig clams on the shore,
watching grizzlies sneak in slow motion,
watching grizzlies, not young anymore.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14: No Crow (Poem for a Yogi on her day off)©

(Photo from

No Crow
(Poem for a Yogi on her day off)

There are some days
You must say
You are no crow.

You are not a corpse either.

You are not a mountain,
though you stand.
You are not a baby (happy or sad),
though you sway.

You are not a plow,
You are not a cow,
You are not a cat,
You aren't your mat.

You're not your in breath.
You're not your out.
You're not your ujjayi.
You're not your path.

Today you aren't a yogi.
Today that is okay.
Today you aren't a yogi.
Today is just today.

Paula's Goin' Hollywood

Hello Friends,

Fell Swoop Playwrights is putting on a show - The Last Temptation of Paula Deen - that's examining celebrity, media, and pop culture - in a fun, thoughtful, and spirited way. 

We'll be in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June and we hope you can make it out. Until then, we're campaigning like crazy to raise a little dough to finance our production. Anything you could donate - even $5.00 (honestly!) would be appreciated and very carefully allocated. We account for every dollar with our honest, transparent system of checks and balances.

We would love to see you in our audience this summer. And if you could spare a little change to help our little production that could, we would be ever so grateful.  

Here's the link to make your tax-deductible donation:

Until we see you next, we wish you good art and great health,


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 13: Poem for a Friend Starting Again©

Poem for a Friend Starting Again

You are nowhere near the end.
The steps you take reverberate
though this great world:
your vibrations thrill
to the snail nearby, the ant who tries
to get back to it’s hill.
You are nowhere near the end.

And though it may be 
you’ve lost your feet, 
you will walk these streets again.
Look at the flashing lights 
of this starving city, and
let yourself belong again; 
wobble and fall and 
stay hopeless to this world, 
it’s beating veins restless.
You are nowhere near the end.
You will walk with your pain.
You will walk again.